Lumberjack Games



A local, online alternative to the web giants for your board games and more

Lumberjack Games is a relatively new business offering a local, independent service from their base in Walton, selling board games online, delivered to your door.

No matter what our best intentions to shop local and support independent retailers it can be quite difficult, so it’s exciting to find someone providing a local online alternative and making it easy for us.

Lumberjack Games is husband and wife team, Gareth and Katie. The pair are well known locally as members of a local church and Gareth, in a previous role, sat next to me at S40 Local helping with design work.

Lumberjack Games launched in January last year … and we all know what happened on 23 March 2020 (if you need reminding it was the start of lockdown). Great timing as we all looked for ways to keep ourselves entertained whilst being stuck at home.

Gareth is keen to point that “We’re not real life Lumberjacks, but the idea of living in a cabin in the woods certainly appeals to us, mostly so we could light a fire and play a good board game without worrying about any phones buzzing or TVs blaring. If you’re anything like us, you long to get back to the basics, when life was much simpler, and sleep came much easier.